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“Everyone must believe in something. I believe I'll go canoeing."

Henry David Thoreau

Canoe Camp


14-17 July 2022
Water hiking is fun, but being able to relax and be safe in a canoe or kayak requires knowledge and experience .
That's what we want to offer you (paddlers say "DU") with this camp. Theory and practice are closely linked and the fun factor is high.
We don't do any high-performance sport, but want to playfully accompany you into the world of water hiking (except for sea kayak tours and white water). And of course the evening campfire romance is not missing.
The aim of this relaxed intensive course is for you to feel safe enough to go on a tour in a canoe or kayak on your own afterwards. This also means that you know what to do in the event of a capsize - not only if you capsize yourself, but also to be able to help other water hikers.
However, you do not have to meet any performance standards at this camp, but can engage in the topics and exercises at the appropriate speed and intensity for you.

   Contents at a glance ​​

  • Boat types, equipment and instruction

  • Paddling technique Canadian

  • Safety & capsizing training Canadians

  • Paddling technique Kayak

  • Safety & capsizing training kayak

  • Orientation & navigation, tour planning and dangers

  • + possibly night paddling, canoe sailing, ...

  • + Camp life, archery, shore leave, 

Inhalte im Überblick

Hinter der WASSERLÄUFER KAJAKSCHULE verbirgt sich unser Anspruch und Wunsch, unsere Teilnehmer:innen im Sinne einer ganzheitlichen und nachhaltigen Leitungsverantwortung, auch und vor allem in die Selbstbefähigung im Kajak zu begleiten.  Auf Wunsch bekommst du im Anschluss an das Seminar eine Bescheinigung nach unserem neuen Modell BEFÄHIGUNG KAJAK (BK) STUFE 1 - 4 A/B. Eine detailierte Übersicht über die Inhalte von BK 1-4 findest du hier: BEFÄHIGUNG KAJAK (BK) 1-4 A/B

Screenshot (234).png

Wir begleiten dich achtsam durch unser Sicherheits- & Kentertraining - das Gefühl danach ist der Hammer...

Further information


14-17 July 2022


  Nature campsite C 24 / BIBER-TOURS  Mecklenburg Lake District


€365 basic price + €110 additional costs (for kayaks, canoes + equipment, overnight stays, part of the meals, tourist tax, etc...)


Jens Schwarzenbolz & Bettina Wagner


Group camp, in your own tent or in tents from Biber-Tours (on request)


self catering
We used to get the warm evening meals
and prepared them together. This year it will probably not be possible due to the corona... More information will follow in front of the camp.



min. 4 to max. 8


From 18 years or by arrangement, swimmer.

No prior experience in kayaking or canoeing is required

– please contact us if you are unsure.

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