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Out into nature - into the community

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Anspruchsvolle Trekking-Tour im 2zu2-Format im Elbsandsteingebirge

(Auf Anfrage)

By release we mean:


That we discover and experience in small (or big?) steps what we really are: an inseparable part of nature and the community...

  • ...through the most holistic and sustainable way of teaching and learning possible...

  • ...and a mindful and deep form of encounter and connection with nature, with other people and with ourselves...

  • look for ways as individuals and part of this society to meet the personal, social and ecological challenges of our time.

Out into nature, into the community. This path takes you deeper into nature, into the community and into yourself - if you like.

We understand "wilderness" more as a "principle" and less as a specific place (you can find more about this in the menu under "We and the wilderness - Our orientation ").


We are wilderness!


More information on release


Chief Responsible Manager

Jens Schwarzenbolz,

Co-director Bettina Wagner

+possibly guest lecturers


With a group size of maximum 12 participants:

Basic price €1920 (corresponds to €320 per seminar)

+ Additional costs €300 (corresponds to €50 per seminar and will be paid in cash on site)

The basic price can be paid as a one-time payment (1920.00 €) or in installments of 320.00 € before the respective seminars.

extra costs

The additional costs include: accommodation, part of the meals, inspiration & anchor exercises, group equipment, teaching materials, etc.

“Yearling Book”

A “Yearling Diary” will accompany you on your journey through this year. It is intended as a reminder and "mirror" for yourself. We give you suggestions for this book, but in the end it's up to you how you lead and design it.

Inspiration & anchor exercises

For the time between the seminars you will get inspiration & anchor exercises to take home with you. With this we want to support you in integrating and anchoring the contents of the MiA in your life (and in your neuronal structures) in a sustainable way. These exercises are not compulsory homework, but a gift and an invitation to you.


6 four-day seminars = 24 seminar days

30 additional inspiration & anchor exercises to supplement and anchor the content in everyday life


Over the course of the year, we will get to know different places and habitats as part of the training. The character of these places will be quite different. The individual venues are in Baden-Württemberg, Thuringia, Bavaria and Mecklenburg-West Pomerania.


Some of the catering at the seminars is bought by you and brought with you (grilled food for the first evening, 3x breakfast, 3x “snack” for lunch, snacks). The warm meals on Friday and Saturday evening and basic kitchen equipment (spices, coffee, tea, fruit, biscuits, ...) are provided by us and are included in the additional costs. The evening meals are prepared together in cooking groups on an open fire.



The personal basic equipment (tent, sleeping bag, ...) is brought by the participants themselves (we are happy to advise you). We will provide the group equipment (camp kitchen, tools, tarpaulins, ...).

The group

From 18 years or by arrangement

Max. 12 participants. Before the start of the release, everyone will be sent a list of participants, which can also be used for any carpooling.

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