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“Keep close to Nature's heart. . . and break clear away, once in awhile, and climb a  mountain or spend a week in the woods. Wash your spirit clean."

John Muir

Water Strider Kayak Tour

A one-week autumn paddling adventure in touring/sea kayaking in the Mecklenburg Lake District

 10th-16th October 2022

Hundreds of cranes or geese, trumpeting, fly south over us. Colorful autumn colors, heavy rain and a warming campfire. Fallen trees that block the way in the narrow canal and have to be overcome. White-tailed eagles, kingfishers and fallow deer rutting...
The bow of your kayak gently slices through the pristine mirror-like surface or dives deep into the waves of a storm-tossed lake while the spray splashes in your face.

The autumnal Mecklenburg Lake District surprises us on this tour with its wildlife and beauty and we will adapt to the respective conditions.
  Our vehicles are high quality touring/sea kayaks large enough to hold the necessary gear. ...

​​ Contents at a glance

  • Equipment and instruction in touring/sea kayaks (single or double)

  • multi-day paddling tour (low season)

  • Steering and Paddling Technique Kayak

  • Safety & capsizing training in a kayak (theory)

  • Packing technique in touring/sea kayaking


  • Orientation & navigation when water hiking

  • Tour planning and dangers

  • + Unforeseen

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Weather is wilderness
We don't do any competitive sports or survival, but since more demanding weather conditions are to be expected in October, you should bring...
  • good physical fitness
  • the willingness to physically bite through (e.g. against a headwind)
  • the willingness to get involved in a week outdoors in October
  • and the necessary equipment for it (good tent, rainwear, ...)
  • you get the kayak-specific equipment from us
  • Prior experience in kayaking is not mandatory
Please contact us if you are unsure whether you meet these requirements.
This tour is an adventure and it will prepare you to go kayaking on your own, and not just under ideal conditions . This also means that you know what to do in the event of a capsize - not only if you capsize yourself, but also so that you can help other water hikers.

What our participants say about this tour...

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" Beware of side effects! ...

Especially with longer seminars and tours and especially when adverse conditions have to be endured, this can lead to a slight, moderate or even severe lack of being outside afterwards! In such cases, please consult your nearest wilderness educator or - even better - a forest. "       Goetz

Further information


10th-16th October 2022


Mecklenburg Small Lake District

Start & end point: Nature campsite C24 Biber-Tours



Basic price €635 + €185 additional costs


Jens Schwarzenbolz & Bettina Wagner

(possibly + tour assistant z)


In your own tent (please no pop-up tents or similar, as they may not be up to the conditions - talk to us if you are missing equipment)


Self-catering - we cook in teams of two
(Further information will follow after registration).



min. 4 to max. 8


From the age of 18 or by arrangement, swimmer: in, good physical fitness, willingness to face difficult conditions if necessary (headwind, cold, rain, ...)


Further information about equipment, arrival, etc. will follow the registration or you can get it on request.

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