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“Thousands of tired, nerve-shaken, over-civilized people are beginning to find out that going to the mountains is going home; that wildness is a necessity” John Muir

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Befähigung zur eigenständigen Planung, Durchführung und Leitung von längeren Trekking-Touren in Wildnisgebieten. 


Der nächste Start ist im Juni 2024: Dafür gibt es eventuell noch einen Platz. Melde dich gerne bei uns. 

2025 wird es voraussichtlich eine neue Variante der Outdoor Guide II Ausbildung geben. 

Ruft Dich die Wildnis?

Is the wilderness calling you?


...after your hikes and camps in the local low mountain ranges, do you feel the desire for longer tours in more remote wilderness areas and want to be able to plan and carry out such tours? Would you like to learn to be able to take responsibility for yourself and for others far outside and in demanding situations?

If you have completed the OLGA I as an OUTDOOR SEMINAR & TOURING LEADER with us (or comparable training) and have a good portion of motivation and physical fitness , then we cordially invite you to this continuing adventure in one small group of 6 participants .

Specifically, this offer is aimed at you, for example,

if you...

  • ... lead longer trekking tours in more remote wilderness areas and want to be trained for this

  • on solo trekking tours in wilderness areas, a longer pilgrimage or a  want to prepare a long-distance hiking trail 

  • ... are a nature and wilderness educator and want to expand your range of experiences and activities with contemporary wilderness tours any case, you should be willing to deal more intensively with the content of the OLGA II and with your own limits in theory and practice. This training should and will probably sometimes be a challenge for you - we aim to offer you (as far as possible) a well-founded training and to accompany you from the comfort zone into the learning zone , at the same time joy and lightness are among our most important companions .

Finally, you will receive a certificate entitled: OUTDOOR LEADERSHIP & TOURGUIDE TRAINING II 


The most important contents of the OLGA II are:

  • one-week trekking tour in the largest wilderness area in the Alps

  • Orientation and navigation in wilderness areas (analogue and digital/offline)

  • Water crossings II

  • Staged leadership  by the participants with feedback  

  • Optimization of the equipment (stove, backpack, food...) for longer tours in demanding terrain

  • Tour planning & preparation (approach, stages, dangers, weather, ...)

  • Emergency communication (without reception)

  • special dangers in wilderness areas

  • Altitude levels and area studies

  • Winter bivouac & winter camp

  • and much more

Konkret richtet sich dieses Angebot z.B. an Dich,

wenn Du...

  • ...längere Trekking-Touren auch in entlegeneren Wildnisgebieten leiten und Dich dafür ausbilden lassen willst

  • ...Dich auf Solo-Trekking-Touren in Wildnisgebieten, eine längere Pilgerreise oder einen Fernwanderweg vorbereiten möchtest 

  • ...Natur- & Wildnispädagoge:in bist und Dein Erfahrungs- & Handlungs-Spektrum um zeitgenössische Wildnistouren erweitern willst jedem Fall solltest Du die Bereitschaft mitbringen, Dich in Theorie und Praxis intensiver mit den Inhalten der OLGA II und mit Deinen eigenen Grenzen zu beschäftigen. Diese Ausbildung soll und wird vermutlich manchmal eine Herausforderung für Dich sein - Wir haben den Anspruch Dir (im Rahmen des Möglichen) eine fundierte Ausbildung zu bieten und Dich aus der Komfortzone in die Lernzone zu begleiten, gleichzeitig gehören Freude und Leichtigkeit zu unseren wichtigsten Begleiterinnen dabei.

Abschließend erhältst Du ein Zertifikat mit dem Titel: OUTDOOR- & TREKKING-GUIDE II (ADVANCED). 

"The mountains are calling and I must go."    
John Muir

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With us you can experience something...

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So close and yet so wild...

The heart of the OLGA II is the one-week expedition trekking tour through the northern Italy's Val Grande National Park, the largest wilderness area in the Alps. The tour is called Expedition because you (in contrast to a tourist) as a prospective tour guide will experience it actively and creatively as such. In the preparation for it, in the attentive observation from the participants' perspective and in the step-by- step guidance including feedback , you will gain important experience for future tours. Seminar times for theoretical content and practical case studies are woven into the course of the tour in combination with half-day stages or excursions without luggage.  

Since we will be between 950 and 2000 meters above sea level in the Val Grande and will therefore be in the montane as well as subalpine or alpine altitude level, we have good comparison and training opportunities for other wilderness areas, such as the Scandinavian fells , the Scottish Highlands , the Romanian Carpathians or the mountains of Corsica and the Balkans . However, the character of our tour will of course also depend heavily on the current weather conditions. 

The OLGA II at a glance:

3 blocks (2 seminars & 1 tour) with a total of 17 seminar days + deepening exercises & online meetings


06-10 July 2022: OLGA II.1 PREPARATION & SPECIAL KNOWLEDGE WILDERNESS AREAS (5 days) (Steigerwald/Bavaria)

Contents: discussion of stage planning, equipment, food and travel for the expedition trekking tour,  Expedition and ultra-light trekking, additional transport and logistics options on longer tours, dangers in wilderness areas, altitude levels, case studies, ...


29 Aug-05 September 2022: OLGA II.2 VAL GRANDE EXPEDITIONS TREKKING TOUR (8 days) (Val Grande, Italy)

Contents: one-week trekking tour, guidance in stages with detailed feedback, active tour planning on site including tour book, crossing waters, behavior when encountering wild animals and farm animals, different accommodation options, ...


08-11 December 2022: OLGA II.3 WINTER BIWAK & FINISH (4 days) (location not yet fixed)

Contents: bivouac in winter, dealing with the cold, winter camp, debriefing / reflection on the expedition, mutual feedback, review and visions for the future, networking, ceremonial conclusion, ...

  • antecedent online video meeting and


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On the way in the largest wilderness area in the Alps...

Further information

Der nächste Start ist im Juni 2024. 

2025 wird es voraussichtlich eine neue Variante dieser Ausbildung geben.


€1530 basic price + €200 additional costs

+ Costs for travel, some meals, maps, any useful apps, ...

MANAGEMENT: Jens Schwarzenbolz 

CO-MANAGEMENT: Bettina Wagner

ACCOMMODATION: In your own tarp or tent


Partly dinner prepared by cooking groups, partly self-catering (further information will follow the registration).



Finally, you will receive a certificate entitled: OUTDOOR LEADERSHIP & TOURGUIDE TRAINING II 



  • legal age

  • OLGA I or a comparable training (however, we will give priority to the participants of our OLGA I)

  • Good physical fitness - you must be able to carry a trekking backpack with about 25-30% of your body weight through demanding terrain for a week. In addition, good surefootedness and a relative head for heights are required. Talk to us if you are unsure.


The OLGA II is not a mountain guide training course.

More information about equipment, arrival, etc. on request or at  Sign up.

Registration for the OLGA II 2022 is currently only possible by prior arrangement!

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